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Why Property Is The Perfect Investment?

It’s a well-known fact that the vast majority of wealthy people own investment properties! 
When applying for a loan the first question the bank asks is “Do you own property?” 
Property is a sound investment and excellent security for future borrowings.

Why is property such an attractive investment?     
  • Excellent capital growth
  • Passive income
  • Reduce tax liability
  • Expats can accumulate tax credits (Approx. $75,000 in 5 years)
  • Security for retirement
  • Forced savings or children’s education
  • Stay abreast with inflation while abroad
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Why Do We Like The Melbourne Market?

The law of supply and demand determines the price of all commodities and property is no different. In rural areas the supply of land is endless, employment is low and there is no demand, therefore the value of property and the capital growth is low. As we are near the city, employment opportunities increase and the population expands, meaning there is more pressure on the market. Melbourne's population is now only 500,000 behind Sydney, with approx. 110,000 migrants choosing Melbourne as their new home each year. Melbourne has also been voted 'The Most livable City In The World' 6 times!

Why Choose The Inner City?

The most active areas for investment properties fall into the 7km belt, located on the inner city fringe. In these areas the streets are well established and infrastructure is already in place e.g. transport, schools, shopping centres, sporting facilities etc. Inner City properties offer:
  • High rental return
  • Stability in the market
  • Excellent capital growth
  • High rental demand
  • Quality of housing
  • Proximity to the CBD and employment
Whether you're already enjoying the expat lifestyle or you've just secured an overseas posting, ensure you keep up to date financially while abroad. Most expats cease contributing to their Superannuation when they board the plane, and unfortunately the money saved while abroad doesn’t have the same buying power it did when they left. By not keeping up with inflation back home while working abroad, there is a good chance these years will come at a financial cost in the future. 
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