Why Use Expat Property Planners?

We understand that everyone’s needs and financial situations are different, so the first thing we aim to do is identify what property is right for you. Once these has be done, we then analyze your cash flow and explain the relevant financials using an easy to read spreadsheet.

This will allow you to comprehend:
  • Affordability
  • How may tax credits you can be expected to accumulate
  • The potential for capital growth
We also explain the process at settlement and how we will efficiently manage the property to ensure it is kept in outstanding condition and that you have a suitable tenant. We currently manage over 350 properties in the Melbourne Metro Area, meaning we have access to a large database of qualified tenants. Once the financials are understood we assist in the following:
Efficient property investment

Property Selection And Buyer Advocate

Once we establish affordability, we present a selection of properties that fit within your budget. We consider items such as equity, your expected timeframe overseas, additional assets and whether your plan includes further property investment. We then provide a detailed spreadsheet for each recommendation.

Construction Reports And Photos

Regular photographic reports and updates will be provided to you via email on your property up to the date of settlement. 

Solicitor and Legal Representative

Most clients already have an accountant or solicitor in Australia, but if you don't we can assist with legal representation experienced in “off the plan” purchases. One of the great benefits of buying property in Australia as an expat or a foreign national is that Australian consumer laws and regulations cover you for purchases. These laws are designed to protect the consumer.

Facilitate and Liaise With Australian Paperwork

With your approval, we act as your representative with any paperwork required to facilitate the transactions. You will be consulted on all decisions plus all conversations and transactions will be confirmed via email.

Finance Options

Once you've selected your property you can secure it with a $1000 fully refundable 30-day deposit (to be paid into our Macquarie Bank Trust Account). This allows time for your solicitor to read the contract and secure all finances. If you don't already have a relationship with a bank back home, we can arrange an independent financier that specialises in loan requirements for expats and foreign nationals. They are able to use any of the 'Big Four Banks' so you can be sure the rates offered are the same or better then you would have back home. All transactions are transparent and governed by Australian banking regulations.

Final Inspection

Most foreign nationals and expats are not able to be present Australia prior to settlement for a final inspection. We’re able to conduct the final inspection on your behalf and provide photographs and a written report if necessary.

Property Management

We currently manage over 350 properties in the Melbourne Metro Area. This ensures that we always have a bank of qualified tenants and experienced property management staff. We will oversee the appointment of a skilled property manager to ensure you receive the best rental return and that your capital investment is physically and financially secure.

Property Valuation Review

Each year we will provide you with an up to date market appraisal. This allows you to determine if you have enough equity to consider investing in another property. We can then build a portfolio based on this information.

Go to the self assessment page now and see if you’re eligible for our services. Expat Property Planners Australia +61 9317 6500

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